Listen to me by JD Staley

You may or may no know one of the many things Staley Transformations does is "trash outs." 
Often we are contacted by estate attorney's, Realtor's or family who are trying to get a home cleaned out after a loved one has passed. 
Many times the job looks very do-able to the family, but, after delving in, they find it is not manageable. 
Such was the case in this particular story.

We had finished emptying out a home over the course of a couple weeks. Although only a condominium, the shear volume of content was amazing. 
We had noticed a cell phone that was plugged in and charging when we started the process. It was still fully functional and ringing numerous times throughout the course of the project. Obviously, the provider did not know the owner was deceased, and in this situation, the deceased had no family to have the phone deactivated.

We decided to call the provider to have the phone shut off. 
Straight forward and simple. 
The call went like this:

Us: Hi, we are called to inform you that "Joe Jingle" at 2222 Tulip Lane passed away a year ago. He need to have this phone deactivated..what do you need in order to do this?

Phone company: Ok, we understand, we would just need to owner to contact us, and we can deactivate the phone, and we will dissolve all past bills.

Us: I don't think you heard me correctly..the owner has died.

Phone company: Ok, yes we understand, but we need to owner to to call us.

Us: (voice a little more raised and emphatic, enunciating our words ) No, not ok, the owner is dead..let me spell that so you understand..DEAD.

Phone company: Yes, but in order for us to deactivate this number, we would need confirmation from the owner.

Us: (much louder as if this is going to help) So you would like to owner who is deceased to contact you, is that correct?

Phone company: Yes

Us: Well I'm going to have to make a few calls then, to someone who is able to contact the DEAD so I can have the DECEASED call you...because as I have said multiple times..they are DEAD, GONE TO THE OTHER SIDE, as in PUSHING UP DAISIES.

Phone company: Ok, we'll handle that when they call.

Not even joking. You can't make this stuff up.

Staley Transformations, Not So General Contracting.

Day After by JD Staley

Yesterday we celebrated love, Valentine's Day.

Did you know Twenty-seven years ago, a character in the movie "Ghostbusters" predicted the world would end on February 14, 2016?

Looks like we all made it, in fact it made me think I have been married longer than I asked my kids...
"Mom and Dad fix houses and make them better, so if we were to help people fix their love lives, what do you think the secret would be to long lasting love?

Here ya go, free of charge, apply these and find deep committed love:

Not punching people in the throat

I don't know



True love


Being there for someone, even when it's hard, and you don't know if you agree with them.

There you have it. Your welcome.

Staley Transformations, Not So General Contracting.


Time by JD Staley

Today I'm talking about something we all have, young and old. We all get the same amount each and every day. 
We can spend it, pass it, fill it, devote to, put in, dedicate to, put into, or we can kill it. 
I personally never have enough of it until I'm sitting in a waiting room and then it I wish it would hurry up.

Have I been sniffing paint fumes you ask? Why yes, yes I have!

I'm talking about time.

I'm sure I am like you, nothing irritates me more than someone who is not on time. We even set the clocks in the kitchen fifteen minutes fast so that we stay on time!

As general contractors we do our absolute best to run on time and show up when we say we will. 
Rainbows and unicorns you say?

Of couse as much as I like to be in control, it doesn't always work this way, and boy, it is hard for us control freaks to handle this!! Life, pipes exploding and rabid racoons have a way of happening in our business but this said, we do our best to communicate issues as they arise.

I feel a song coming on....

Time is on my side, yes it is,
Time is on my side, yes it is
(must be the paint fumes)

Staley Transformations, Not So General Contracting.

Sin by JD Staley

Sin is everywhere, even in your home. Although I'm not a minister, I'm here to help you avoid a few deadly decorating sins!

1. An abundance of beige: Does looking at beige make your heart flutter? Put a grin on your face? Time to add some style and pop! Color makes us happy!

2. Shoving all he furniture against the wall: This is a common one. It a natural urge. Fight it. Try bringing the furniture into a conversation area.

3. Bad Lighting: The majority of home we are in are too dark. Vary your lighting in each room, by adding dimmers or pendant lights.

4. Ignoring the foyer: Many of us come in through the garage and never pay attention to the foyer, until a guest comes to the door. Mom was right, first impressions are lasting impressions. Give this area time, attention and style!

5. Matchy Matchy: Not everything needs to match. If you find something you love, use it! It will add interest to your home. Rugs, curtains, sofa's do not all need to be matching! Throw some zebra stripes in there if you love it!

6. Hoarding: Have a collection? Know how much is too much!

Staley Transformations, Not So General Contracting.