Monday's Musing / by JD Staley

Several years ago we were contracted with a company that hired us to "flip" foreclosed properties. After getting the call, the proverbial clock would start to tick, and we had to get in there and look at the home, evaluate the issues and come up with a build back plan in less that 24 hours. 

Let me just state that I thought this was stupid. (Here come's my black and white personality) It's not like the home was going to fall into a worse state of disrepair if we got there 48 hours after the call. God forbid, more mold might grow!

We arrived at the property and attempted to open the lock box. Having lock boxes on these properties was about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. The codes were never right. Walking up to the lock and saying magic words worked better than having "the code."
So naturally with the clock ticking, and no code we decided to "get creative."

We went to the back of the house, looking for an open window, or a broken door or something.
I'm sure if the neighbors were watching, they most likely thought we were casing the joint. 
It does always bring a feeling of "America's Most Wanted" when we are rattling the door knobs and checking windows!!

Nothing was open, but there was a doggie door! 
JD volunteered to go in. The place was about as clean as an outhouse, so I didn't ague!
Like a sausage stuffed in a too tight casing,he wiggled, and squeezed his way in. Of course, I thought it was hilarious, and did what any supportive wife and business partner would do..take pictures of course!!

He got in and walked to a door off the sunroom. I went around to have him let me inside.
There he stood with the door wide open. Right along side the door, a huge portion of the sunroom was missing, and we could have just walked right in. 
I believe that would fall into the category of "can't see the forest for the tree's"! 

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