Change / by JD Staley

I really don't know many people who like change. Maybe it's just me showing my age. Strike that, that is not possible.

This past week I was told I had to change the way I upload all photos to facebook, and we changed our entire computer file system. Everything is now on google drive and "in the cloud."
The phase "it's in the cloud" evokes images in my mind of this big puffy white cloud floating over my head wherever I go. I'm going to need therapy to release this physical image in my mind.

I sat patiently at the desk while JD showed me the steps to use Google drive. I might have looked patient, but my blood pressure was near stroke level. 
The first step was to find his google drive account, then the maze of finding folders ensued. I was already at stroke level, by the time I actually got the right folder I was about to blow. 
Have you surmised I am not a very technical person?

Obviously, I am figuring this thing out. This usually involves deep breathing before I begin. One might assume I am in prayer as I'm holding my head in my hand muttering "Dear God"

And so I will embrace change. You'll know this is true next time you see me and there is that puffy white cloud over my head.

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