Memories / by JD Staley

We are very blessed to have the jobs that we do. Each home is as different as each individual personality in that home. 
Many of the homes we see are a result of foreclosure, divorce or death.
It is impossible to not discover who each person was, along with much of their family. At the end of a job, JD and I often walk away feeling as though we knew the person, even sometimes praying for that family.

It is equally as difficult to not think of each home as a sanctuary, a place where memories were made and remembered. A place where a love was shared, laughter rang through the house, and a family grew.

In our last "trash out" property there were photo's from the 1920's, immigration and naturalization documents, badges or patches from a Navy uniform that served at Pearl Harbor, personal journals, and service records for his entire military career. Then the items that pull at your heart, divorce decree's, thick medical records, closets full of medication, and death certificates of loved ones.

Some of you have asked what happens to these items. 
Many items have to be disposed of because of damage. There are items that are donated and some that are sold. 
The old photo's and such? I can't throw them away. I will find another use for them. Many of the items we hope to repurpose and bring new life back into them.

In the end, these items are just things, for we know, our business really isn't about homes, its about the people who live in them.

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