Time / by JD Staley

Today I'm talking about something we all have, young and old. We all get the same amount each and every day. 
We can spend it, pass it, fill it, devote to, put in, dedicate to, put into, or we can kill it. 
I personally never have enough of it until I'm sitting in a waiting room and then it I wish it would hurry up.

Have I been sniffing paint fumes you ask? Why yes, yes I have!

I'm talking about time.

I'm sure I am like you, nothing irritates me more than someone who is not on time. We even set the clocks in the kitchen fifteen minutes fast so that we stay on time!

As general contractors we do our absolute best to run on time and show up when we say we will. 
Rainbows and unicorns you say?

Of couse as much as I like to be in control, it doesn't always work this way, and boy, it is hard for us control freaks to handle this!! Life, pipes exploding and rabid racoons have a way of happening in our business but this said, we do our best to communicate issues as they arise.

I feel a song coming on....

Time is on my side, yes it is,
Time is on my side, yes it is
(must be the paint fumes)

Staley Transformations, Not So General Contracting.