Monday's Musing / by JD Staley

Come along, lets go on another journey..through yet one more unbelievable dwelling.

The house was already revealing what was to behold once within.
The worn and weary looking house had gutters clinging by a mere thread. The wooden siding was a dry as the dust in a mummy's pocket.

We walked up the drive and were greeted by a relative of the homeowner who would be showing us the house. Strangely enough, she came out of the parked camper in the drive, not the house. 
We commented on the camper, and she told us we'd understand in a moment. 
I regretted not grabbing a mask as soon as she told us "we'd understand in a moment."
We walked in and took in the first floor surrounding. It was the usual, dated, in need of a facelift, and somewhat dirty.

My olfactory nerve must be somewhat tired, because the smell took a moment or two to hit me. Hit me it did, and once again, I was wishing I had that mask. 
The smell of mold was so strong it wasn't long before I could actually taste it, and then there was a second smell that mingled with, and complimented the mold. Cat. 
Just one cat, in one house, for a long time. 
If you need to go sniff some coffee or peppermint right now, I understand. I'm going to go gargle.

The relative mentioned there was a room upstairs that had a hole in the ceiling, so we headed toward that room to get a look. 
The bedroom had bookshelves lining the back wall. On first glance, one might have thought someone came in and went into a rage tearing the room apart. 
Books were thrown off the shelves, scattered helter skelter all over the room, while pages and pages were shredded into confetti.
Things were tipped over on the dressers, the bed was more than rumpled and there was indeed a hole in the ceiling. 
The insulation was hanging out of the ceiling, and was "nested" on the floor. Some of the insulation was scattered and peeking out from under the bed.
The relative stated that this room had been closed up for years, not being used. She had no idea what could have happened.

JD and I gave each other "that look" and told her "you have a serious squirrel infestation." 
I was thinking the squirrels must be having the most epic party ever, when the relative let us know there was another hole downstairs near the baseboard in the living room.
These squirrels must have invited all their friends and relatives. They were living in the walls, ceilings and attic of this house..well, really, if we set up a critter cam, we'd see them running through the house, Budweiser's and cigarettes in hand. ZZ Top would be blasting on the stereo playing " Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers."

She let us know there was 'some electrical issues' as well. 
Well yes, when squirrels are partying in the house, they eat electric wires like ropes of Twizzler licorice. 
This house was another "trash out" and then would be cleaned up and sold.
I'm thinking we'll need heavy equipment here, like a bulldozer, or maybe explosives.

We walked and and JD said, "Unbelievable."

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